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Spray coating is a dependable method for making your commercial roof last longer. Technically known as “synthetic rubber coating,” spray coating is a solvent-based substance that creates a waterproof membrane to protect your roof.

As southeast Wisconsin’s go-to spray coating partner, Badger Contracting will drastically increase the durability of your commercial roof. With a reputation for skilled work and second-to-none customer service, you can count on Badger Contracting for all things roofing.

Is Spray Coating Beneficial?

By using spray coating on your commercial roof, you will reap a host of benefits, including:

  • Easy Maintenance: Once your spray coating is applied, your commercial roof will require very little maintenance. Besides annual inspections and washing, as well as coating reapplication every 10-15 years, your roof will take care of itself.
  • Long Lasting: Commercial roofs with spray coating can last for decades. Refreshing the coating is done for just a fraction of the cost of major roof replacement or restoration.
  • Energy Efficient: Many metal or black roofing applications can heat up to well over 100 degrees, requiring your air conditioning to work extra hard to keep the building cool. Spray coating reflects most all of that heat with solar radiation, saving you both sweat and dollars.
  • Eco-Friendly: By avoiding the necessity of complete roof tear-offs, spray-coated roofs offer major reductions in landfill waste.

Which Roofs Can be Coated?

Commercial roofs of all kinds can benefit from spray coating, including:

  • Metal
  • Built-Up
  • Rubber
  • Flat
  • Low-Slope
  • Modified Bitumen
  • Single-Ply

Why Choose Badger Contracting?

Badger Contracting has a long track record of maintaining commercial roofs. As business owners ourselves, we fully understand the constraints of schedules and budgets, which is why we’ll work closely with you to develop a spray coating plan that fits your unique situation. When you partner with Badger Contracting, you can expect excellent craftsmanship and customer service at every phase of the project, including:

  • Comprehensive inspection and planning
  • Determining the best style, shape, size, and material
  • Regular roof maintenance to increase longevity
  • Emergency repairs as needed, no matter the day or time

Get Your Estimate Today

The roofing professionals at Badger Contracting can’t wait to show you the wonders that spray coating can do for your commercial building’s roof. As with all of our services, our spray coating is done with precision, tidiness, and timeliness. To learn more about what Badger Contracting can do for your commercial roof, and to receive a free estimate, contact us today by using our online form or calling (262) 415-5640.


Very satisfied: Work was done in a timely matter. Sara was great to work with..will definitely use them again. Very happy with the cost. We had other estimates, none of them even came close.
Jeanne R., Hartford
Had new gutters installed last week by Badger Contracting. They did a great job and I am very pleased with the results. Peter facilitated the whole process and was very responsive, flexible and easy to work with. Communication was excellent throughout the process. These guys are hard working, professional and do quality work.
Evan File
I had inquired to Badger Contracting regarding my house and Peter promptly came out and checked up most of the exterior along with informing me what I can do with my insurance. They seem fairly flexible as my downstairs neighbor chimed in and also was able to get an estimate on her house she owns a few blocks away. These guys are here to help!
I was working with Peter the sales rep with Badger, and he was extremely helpful throughout the entire process. I ended up walking away from my interactions with him and felt at ease! They are here to educate!!
Carol Montesanto
We had just used them for a Home Inspection on very short notice. Jason was there on-time, very attentive to every little detail, answered all of our questions, and helped guide us along the way in understanding the condition of our soon to be home. Thanks Badger Contracting!
Casey R.


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